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Announcing The New Cerner Special Interest Group (SIG)

SUG Inc. would like to announce that we have established a new special interest group (SIG) for Cerner HIS users. This SIG leverages your voice and Sunquest’s industry connections by working with Cerner to address the issues Sunquest clients are facing with connectivity and interoperability between the systems.

Bakul Thakkar, from site UIC, is the Cerner SIG Chair, and Megan Smith, from site IHC, is Vice Chair.  They will be adding SIG call dates to the SUG Inc. calendar very soon! If you are interested in joining the Cerner SIG and you are already a member of SUG Inc., sign up to receive notifications about the Cerner SIG with these easy steps:

1. Log into SUG Inc. at
2. Click on the My Profile tab
3. Click Edit Profile
4. Scroll to the bottom & click the checkbox for the Cerner SIG.

Keep in mind, there is also a newly-created Cerner listserv forum available.  While you do not need to be a member of SUG Inc. to subscribe to the Cerner listserv, it is recommended for added support.

So whether your site already has Cerner HIS, or is considering it, please come join us at the Cerner SIG!

Remember, in order to participate in any SIG, your site must be a SUG Inc. member. Interested in becoming a member of SUG Inc.? Check out my previous blog:

Debra Walters

SENIOR LIS ANALYST - FLORIDA HOSPITAL; SUG PRESIDENT 2015-2016. Debra Walters is the President of the Sunquest User Group (SUG Inc) for 2015-2016, and is a Senior LIS Applications Specialist at Florida Hospital Orlando (site FHO). She has been a Sunquest client and SUG Inc. member since 1995 and brings more than 35 years of experience in laboratory medicine and information systems technology. An active member of SUG Inc for the last 20 years, she has participated in and presented at many SIG, RUG, and SUG meetings, serving as the Southeast RUG Chair for 5 years and as the SUG 2002 Program Chair. Debra is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Medical Technology.