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Sunquest Client Innovation Awards – Winners Announced

Last year, Sunquest announced the new Sunquest Client Innovation Awards. This program is a recognition given to Sunquest clients who took an innovative approach to improving laboratory operations and patient care through Sunquest solutions. Winners were selected by Sunquest and SUG Inc. from applications submitted. We are pleased to announce this year’s winners.

This year’s selected organizations include:

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) received the award for innovation in diagnostic communities. Leveraging Sunquest and existing technology, UPMC connected their hospital laboratories to their ambulatory locations, creating an interoperable infrastructure that enabled them to entirely eliminate paper processes. With this new solution they implemented electronic lab orders and automated specimen collection label printing, while integrating clinical test results with physician and hospital EMRs and improving turnaround time of results to patients.
  • BSA Health Systems is recognized for innovation in public health management and keeping the community happy and healthy. Several times a year, BSA Health Systems hosts public health fairs, providing free laboratory tests to improve population health. In spite of the goodwill nature of the health fairs, they created a considerable strain on staff and resulted in laboratory delays. With Sunquest specimen tracking and collection solutions, BSA improved results turnaround time by up to 48 hours.
  • Carolinas HealthCare demonstrated innovation in transfusion management for system-wide transformation, improving process inefficiencies and reporting errors related to blood transfusions. By implementing Sunquest’s bedside solution across 12 hospitals, four rehab facilities and more than 8,000 users, Carolinas HealthCare eliminated documentation errors and improved the safety of blood transfusions across their institution, ultimately enabling them to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 certification at two facilities.

We are excited to recognize and promote this year’s winners. Each organization is a valued and integral partner to Sunquest and to the larger Sunquest client community.

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