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Sunquest and GeneInsight

GeneInsight is on a Roll

The genetics industry is buzzing with energy thanks to the growing body of knowledge and experiences through genetics positively impacting care. Last fall, Sunquest attended two important genetic industry conferences with GeneInsight: the American Society of Human Genetics conference (ASHG) in Baltimore and the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) in Austin. We had adjoining booth spaces to better present a unified message to the attendees.

At ASHG, we introduced a new GeneInsight release with the ability to annotate, filter and store patient variants. This new functionality helps users move upstream from the interpretation phase of the workflow and is a critical part of large panel and exome scale testing. This release also prepared GeneInsight for the integration with Sunquest Laboratory and Sunquest AP systems.

Our big announcement at AMP was a new partnership between GeneInsight and Brigham & Women’s Hospital to make a cancer mutation knowledgebase that BWH Pathology and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have jointly developed from thousands of clinical cases seen at the two hospitals, accessible through GeneInsight. We were also thrilled to announce at AMP that PowerPath client CellNetix has selected GeneInsight to streamline and enhance their somatic testing program.

All of these were supplemented with informative webinars presented by leaders in the genomics space. GeneInsight and Somatic Genetics: Bringing Next Generation Sequencing and Cancer Testing into the Lab), presented by Amber Fehrs-Battey, and more information about GeneInsight, can be found here.

We had an exciting year in 2015 and even bigger news coming in 2016!

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