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Lab Goes Social: Using Social Media to Inspire Innovation

Diagnostic Laboratory Goes Social to Influence Clinical Innovation

Looking to engage employees and inspire innovation across your organization? Take a look at how TriCore Reference Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is doing just that.

With a new business plan underway and a transition in executive leadership, the diagnostic company launched their social network, Yammer, in June 2014. Within six months, 1,022 employees signed up as Yammer users.

“When I joined TriCore I wanted to be transparent regarding my vision and plans,” said Khosrow Shotorbani, President and CEO of TriCore Reference Laboratories. “It was important to build trust with our 1,200 employees; they each play a crucial role in reaching our goals.”

  • The Executive Management Team (EMT) uses Yammer to share the company road map.
  • The marketing and public relations team hosts LIVE chat sessions and answers questions about important health protocols, like handling Ebola specimens.
  • Pathologists share a look into their everyday work.
  • Staff members share pictures to highlight teammates and welcome new employees.

“Offering a space where employees can share their ideas and connect with our CEO and executive staff inspired innovation and rallied employees around our vision,” said Vanna Livaditis, Social Media Manager. “The marketing team uses Yammer as a test bed to develop content for all our social media platforms.”

TriCore wants to make noise about reshaping healthcare delivery in New Mexico and how they plan to nationally scale their plan. In fact, they recently partnered with Sunquest to do just that!

“The industry is changing across the board and to be nimble and relevant we must change along with it. Social platforms allow us to spread the word about our impact,” said Christina Goleman, Chief Business Development Officer at TriCore. “Imagine accessing your health record from your phone. Imagine the time saved if physicians could access an entire health record in one place. We are making this happen in our communities.”

TriCore is using social media internally and externally to educate audiences about their crucial role in healthcare. In 2015 TriCore launched a provider portal that displays health data from around the state. The platform identifies risk populations and practices proactive population health management. Stay tuned for updates

Sunquest and TriCore recently announced a strategic partnership to develop state-of-the-art technologies for improved data analytics in connected, multi-organization environments.


TriCore provides expertise in ten clinical specialties and performs 8.5 million tests per year. For more information, visit