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Sunquest lab quality confab

Reducing Waste by Applying Interoperability Best Practices presented at Lab Quality Confab

I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at this year’s Lab Quality Confab in the Big Easy last week. Lab Quality Confab is an excellent opportunity for lab managers, administrators and quality team members to get together for educational sessions and quality networking time with each other and vendors. Most of the discussions were focused around sharing best practices to help improve processes and increase the value of services that we all provide to our clients, physicians, patients and payers. The agenda was jam packed with speakers from all over North America.

Debra Walters from Florida Hospital (FHO) and I presented on interoperability best practices and how to help generate measurable improvements in lab services to hospital and physicians. We discussed many aspects of interoperability from instruments, devices, to HIS and EMR connectivity and how important it is to help streamline processes and improve care for patients. Deb rocked the session by providing real-world examples of how FHO utilizes Sunquest in their hospitals to reduce waste and improve turnaround times and overall efficiencies in their health system. Ultimately, all these best practices helped the audience learn how to reduce costs and continue to turn their laboratories from cost centers into profit centers.

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Jamel Giuma

Director, Integration and Outreach Solutions, Sunquest Information Systems. Jamel holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of North Florida and has more than 15 years of IT experience, with approximately 9 of those years in healthcare IT. Jamel joined Sunquest Information Systems in 2014, after being a customer for 8 years prior, to help bring the voice of the customer to many of Sunquest’s products. He oversees all interoperability needs from laboratory instruments to EMRs for Sunquest products as well as manages all Meaningful Use efforts.

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