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SUG Sunquest users group

Renew Your SUG Membership

What is SUG Inc.

The Sunquest User Group (SUG Inc.) is one of the strongest and most influential software user groups in healthcare today!  It is unique in that we enjoy a very close and direct partnership with the folks at Sunquest Information Systems, to help drive and influence the software and product development teams to create better solutions for their organizations. The dedication and commitment of the SUG Inc. members and Sunquest ensures that we offer the best and safest healthcare solutions to our patients.

SUG Inc. is a yearly membership, running from September through August.  And guess what? It’s that time of year again: time for your site to join SUG Inc. or, if you are already a member, renew your SUG Inc. membership!  With the 2015-2016 membership, anyone from your site can:

  1. Sign up and participate in all the Special Interest Group (SIG) calls your chance to directly influence the future of Sunquest product development by: discussing and voting on all enhancement requests, participating in focus groups for new products and functionality and reviewing some of the newest (and yet to be released!) features of the Sunquest suite of products
  2. Access all the information on the SUG Inc. website, including the calendar of all upcoming SIG calls and RUG meetings
  3. Find connections for clients at other Sunquest sites
  4. Nominate officers for SUG Inc. leadership positions, and be eligible to run for SUG Inc. leadership office
  5. Apply for a SUG Inc. scholarship

Additionally, by joining SUG Inc., each site receives one ballot vote for all SUG Inc. leadership offices and for any bylaws changes brought before the general membership during the year.

New this year:  if your organization has multiple Sunquest site codes operating as the same business entity, then your organization can pay one site code fee & have all your employees enjoy the benefits of being SUG Inc. members!

For more information on SUG Inc., or to renew and register, visit

Debra Walters

SENIOR LIS ANALYST - FLORIDA HOSPITAL; SUG PRESIDENT 2015-2016. Debra Walters is the President of the Sunquest User Group (SUG Inc) for 2015-2016, and is a Senior LIS Applications Specialist at Florida Hospital Orlando (site FHO). She has been a Sunquest client and SUG Inc. member since 1995 and brings more than 35 years of experience in laboratory medicine and information systems technology. An active member of SUG Inc for the last 20 years, she has participated in and presented at many SIG, RUG, and SUG meetings, serving as the Southeast RUG Chair for 5 years and as the SUG 2002 Program Chair. Debra is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Medical Technology.