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SMART Label Tip

We love helping our clients when they run into problems. Even more than that, we love equipping our clients with information that will help them prevent problems and lessen their need to spend valuable time reporting issues to us. Here is a helpful tip to keep your SMART labels printing at top speed!

SMART Label Tip:

Message queuing may cause labels to stop printing if too many messages have accumulated in the private message queue on the SMART server(s).

The SLPS message that logs in the SMART message log will include “Cannot put a print job into the printer queue”. For example:

– – – 104 = Error returned on label print request:


63770,32#RECEIPT Error msg: Error=”‘
Cannot put a print job into the printer queue:


Preventive Maintenance:

This type of message will slow down or stop SMART label printing; however, it can be quickly and easily checked on a regular basis to prevent this from occurring.

STEPS to clear out the private message queues on the smart server:

  1. Open:  Start Menu –>> Admin Tools –>> Computer Management
  2. On the left-hand pane, expand ‘Services and Applications’.
  3. Expand ‘Message Queuing’.
  4. Highlight ‘Private Queues’.
  5. Scroll middle pane to bottom.

Search for responder_smart_xxx ; you will see the number of jobs queued. If there are several thousand, you will want to purge that queue.

STEPS to purge queues:

  1. Go back onto the left-hand pane, expand ‘Private Queues’.
  2. Scroll down and expand the responder_smart queue you want to purge.
  3. Highlight ‘Queue Messages’ and right click, select ‘All Tasks’ –>> Purge –>> Yes

Once the messages have been purged, best practice is to stop and start the label print services to get everything moving again. The services to stop and start include,

  • Message Queuing
  • Message Queuing Triggers
  • MisysLabelPrintService
  • Misys Listener
  • MLPSSMARTResponder

Happy printing!

Enos Maner

SUPPORT SPECIALIST, SUNQUEST INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Prior to joining Sunquest in 2013, Enos Maner worked as a phlebotomist and lab assistant processing specimens for 14 years and studied computer information technology at Eastern Arizona College. Enos is skilled in a wide variety of Sunquest solutions including General Laboratory, ICE, Blood Bank, Instruments and, recently, basic UNIX systems training. Enos is married and has two daughters. He enjoys working nights, and we're so glad he does!