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Sunquest Value of the Month – Flawless Execution

We seek to get it right, the first time

I believe flawless execution is a destination that reflects Sunquest’s dedication to its core values. Flawless execution does not happen by accident nor does it create an environment where accidents do not happen. It is the culmination of careful planning, open and honest communication and holding one another accountable. It encompasses the drive for perfection and getting it right with purity of focus and effort. Flawless execution does not happen overnight, but requires dedication and tenacity to make it a reality.

We all share in the responsibility to make Sunquest great!  Whether you are an individual contributor or manage employees, we are all leaders of the organization. As leaders we must remain disciplined and driven in our approach. Communicate the importance of not just knowing our core values, but demonstrating them every day. Commit to clearly setting expectations. Once expectations have been set we can manage these expectations and accountability becomes a natural next step. Unlock the potential of your team and empower them to execute on the vision that you have set, or perhaps help those around you buy into that vision that has been set.

What is flawless execution in the outside world? At least one expert on high-performing organizations would tell you the following (emphasis added):

“Simply put, Flawlessly Executing Organizations win. They win because they possess high-performing teams whose planned activities are fully aligned to achieve organizational objectives in rapidly changing, complex environments.”

I like to win. It is clear that flawlessly executing organizations win. Let’s play to win!

Ryan Hintz