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The Future of Healthcare: Personalized Medicine and Integrated Pathology

Did you know that laboratory data accounts for an estimated 70-80% of clinical decisions? So, why are treatment plans often disease specific and delivered as a “one size fits all” application?

Personalized medicine is the future

Sunquest sees molecular and genetic testing results as game changers for patient care. Our goal is a personalized approach to patient care. Treatment plans should be based on a patient’s individual genetic profile.  Think about it: knowledge gained about a patient’s genetic makeup will eventually drive clinical decision making for pharmacy, cancer care and infectious disease treatment—in addition to many other applications in healthcare.

Integrated pathology for a patient-centric view

We are entering an era where healthcare will be delivered with a holistic view of the patient, rather than having a focus on particular organ systems or disease states. This is what excites me about being part of the Sunquest team. We are at the heart of these medical advancements in the laboratory and in the healthcare industry. We believe in a holistic view of patient care and management, which makes it more important than ever to integrate our entire laboratory patient testing data to provide one clinical picture to our pathologists. They are the ones interpreting the data, so why shouldn’t they have a complete view with information from multiple areas of the lab? Sunquest solutions actually cover all aspects of laboratory medicine from the initial point of patient contact all the way through the final diagnosis of disease. If we have multiple solutions with access to all of the patient’s laboratory data, why can’t we provide software that presents clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, genetic and molecular testing data in one complete view? This is exactly the area our product developers have been looking to tackle. In fact, here is a little peak into our recently announced integrated AP/CP solution, Sunquest VUE™. Sunquest VUE delivers an integrated view and a personalized user experience for pathologists to efficiently review data derived from multiple systems, sources and pathologies. Sunquest VUE will also develop a comprehensive and integrated report, allowing for quick and efficient diagnosis of a patient.

We are excited to partner with our clients as these exciting advancements continue to shape how healthcare is delivered to patients. We will continue to develop new technology to support innovation and to drive integrated pathology as we work towards our goal: Smarter Healthcare, Safer Patients.

Kevin Nauman

REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT, SUNQUEST INFORMATION SYSTEMS. With more than 28 years of healthcare experience, Kevin brings deep clinical expertise in the management of laboratories and laboratory information systems. Prior to joining Sunquest in 2014, Kevin was the senior director of pathology informatics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health System in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where he led the informatics teams of clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, specialty laboratory, digital pathology and the Quest joint venture. During his time at UPMC, he oversaw the implementation of Sunquest solutions in all 17 of the hospital laboratories across the UPMC health system. He has also held roles which include LIS manager, business systems analyst and medical laboratory technician.